Traditionally, there are four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Spring, and Winter. In the great state of Texas we typically only experience summer and winter – and if you’re a true Texan, you know this to be true! Currently, we are in the deep clutches of yet another scorching Texan summer, and we at Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Hearing know its hot. Hotter than hot, to be frank. With temperatures frequently breaking past the 100 degree mark, the last thing that most want to do is google AC Repair Austin. So here are a few ideas on how to keep your AC unit healthy and yourself happy.

First Things First – Check Your Filters

It sounds simple enough, but often filters are not always a top priority. They are frequently forgotten until it becomes obvious that there is indeed a problem. A dirty filter can restrict or even block air current through the blower. This can cause the cooling coil to actually freeze and the entire system to close up shop. Dirty or clogged filters can also decrease the energy efficiency of your AC. Air filters are typically at the blower, you can simply pop in a new one. Or if you worry it’s not just the filter, feel free to call Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating, your local AC Repair company in Austin, for extra help.

Get Down and Dirty – Not Really

Like all good things, air conditioning units require maintenance. We promise it’s all worth it. The exterior condenser needs an uninhibited air flow in order to work properly. This means keeping the area around it neat – trim that bush or growth around your HVAC unit! Also your AC condensate drain tubes and coils should be cleaned at least once a year.

Schedule a Check-Up with Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating

Bottom line, to best prepare your AC for the long Texas summer call and schedule and appointment with Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating, the best AC repair company Austin has to offer. When in doubt, leave it to our professionals to ensure the long and healthy life of your AC unit – as well as your cool temperature all summer long.

Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating aims for 100% customer satisfaction. We can honestly promise we will not be happy until you are. If you’re looking AC repair in Austin, or surrounding areas, give us a call at 512-736-0145 or schedule an appointment here.