Most months in Texas can be compared to that of an over-heated oven. Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating knows – we even attempted cooking an egg on the side walk. Long story short – we are not the greatest chefs, but we are the best when it comes to air conditioning maintenance and heating repair! Texas is hot most of the time. Who really thinks about the one or two months that it may be “winter?” Trust us, when winter comes and temperatures drop to below freezing, you’ll be thinking about staying warm – especially if the furnace goes out. What to do when the furnace goes out? Here are a few things to check before calling the professionals at Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating:

  • Dirty Air Filters: Checking the air filters of your unit should be your first stop. These filters naturally become filthy after a month or so, and should be changed just as often.
  • Gas Leak or Insufficient Gas: Make sure that your gas is turned on; however, if you smell even the slightest scent of fumes, turn off the gas valve. This gas is flammable – do not turn on a switch or light a fire. After turning off the valve, remove yourself to a safe distance and call the fire department.
  • Blockages: Ensure that your furnace is clean and nothing is blocking air intake, including the exhaust valve and the area around the furnace.

When in Doubt

If you feel unsure about how to fix your furnace or have any questions regarding heating repair, please contact Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating.Texas weather is known for being unpredictable, but our expertise in this area is not. Sure we can’t cook eggs on sidewalks, but keeping your space the perfect temperature is our jam. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please click here.