Game of Thrones fanatics will understand, “Winter is coming.” Well Central Texas, winter came and it went. We are at the cusp of the Spring season people! It is time to shed the winter warrior mentality and ease into the spell of Spring. Spring is green, fresh, and new. The season is synonymous with springing forward, cleaning, and losing an hour of sleep. Ok, ok – we at Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating understand, the favorite local AC service provider, we’re not a fan of losing an hour of sleep. The idea of springing forward and spring cleaning though sounds pretty nice. And while your sprucing up your house for the new season be sure to pay attention to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. Spring in Central Texas is still rather warm, and the upcoming summer even hotter. Ensuring that your HVAC unit is in tip-top shape now means a smoother operation during the summer, and is just one of the ways to be energy efficient.

The Many Ways of Energy Efficiency

Here are some other ways to be more stingy with the use of energy in your space:

  • Decorate those windows. Adding window shutters or curtains drastically reduces the amount of sunlight and heat in your home. Not only are window treatments easy on the eyes, they are, in the long run, easy on the wallet.
  • Open your windows. Another straight-forward option is to simply open up your windows to allow cool and fresh air before it gets too hot.
  • Check for any and all cracks. Just like windows, cracks allow cool air out and hot air in. Windows are able to close, cracks are not – not unless they can be found. So do yourself a favor and find those cracks!
  • Set your thermostat. While you’re not at home feel free to increase the temp, or turn off the thermostat in general. Doing so could potentially reduce your energy consumption by a staggering 10-20%.
  • Check your water heater temperature. Hot water is in constant use, not just during the winter. Therefore, it is best to drain a quarter of your water heat tank once a year to clear debris and any other contaminants that might cost you more money in the future.

Your AC Service Provider

As Buda, Texas local AC service provider, Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating is a leader in anything regarding HVAC. This is why we mentioned it as the first tip of increasing energy efficiency this Spring. When it comes to controlling the temperature of your space your HVAC unit takes center attention. There are many aspects to keeping your HVAC unit happy and healthy, ranging from inspection and tune ups to cleaning coils and checking refrigerant levels – all of which Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating can do! So take a load off, make springing forward a little easier, and let our certified professionals take care of it. To schedule an interview or for more information, please click here.