Spring is here, which means summer is near. Hopefully you are preparing for the long summer days ahead by sprucing up your indoor air quality system. When it comes to living in an urbanized city it is important that you are reducing the amount of unnecessary indoor pollutants and allergens. We at Alamo Austin Air want to ensure that you and your family are supplied with the finest quality air. Below are five easy tips to improve your indoor air quality:

Frequently Change Your Air Filters

The main defense when it comes to indoor air quality is frequently changing your air filter. All the air in your home at some point will pass through your air filter cleaning the dust, dirt, and other pollutants from your air. This is why it is important that you are changing your air filters according to manufacturer settings.

Unfortunately, air filter are easy to forget about. Not cleaning your air filter can lead to a dirty air filter. A dirty filter will act as a magnet for dirt, dust, and other pollutants, reducing the quality of air inside your home. Going too long without changing a dirty filter will result in a clogged filter. Clogged filters can cause a rise in utility bills and ultimately reduce your air flow in your home.

Need help choosing the right air filter? Check out our blog on how to find the filter of your dreams.

Bring Nature Indoors

We’re taking you back to biology class with this tip. Houseplants are known to clean the air in your home. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, indoor plants have the ability to filter the air and provide your home with fresh oxygen. Some plants and their root systems have the capabilities of absorbing indoor pollutants. Below are a few easy care houseplants you may want to check out:

  • Aloe Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Snake Plan

Groom your Pets Regularly

This tip may seem like a no brainer, but honestly when was the last time your pet had a proper cleaning? An un-groomed pet can become the cause of many indoor pollutants. Along with pet dander, during shedding season fur will become airborne and can lead to clogged filters. Maintaining a grooming schedule for your pet will lower the amount of dander and fur in your air system, instantly improving your indoor air quality.

Give your Pillows a Deep Freeze

According to Achoo Allergy 10% of people and 80% of allergy sufferers are allergic to proteins found in waste and decomposed dust mites”. Pillows and other plush objects in your home are a hoarding ground for dust mites. Believe it or not, simply sticking your pillows in the freezer for a couple hours could solve all your dust mite problems because low temperatures will kill them off. Then, throw it all in the wash and BAM your’e dust mite free.

Your Local HVAC Specialisits

At Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating we do our best to accommodate our patrons wishes. Choosing a filter, or in some cases remembering to change out filters, can be tedious. We are all busy, so allow us the privilege to help you take one worry off your list. To set up an appointment or for more information, please click here.