Why is my AC Blowing Warm Air?

This is a question no one in Texas ever wants to ask – but there you have it. The idea of a house being hot, especially with the outside weather being so warm, is absolutely unbearable. It’s a Texan’s worst nightmare – and one that Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating hopes to prevent and fix. Air conditioning repair is what we do. We breath, eat, and sleep air conditioning – it’s in our blood. This being said, there are many reasons we can give you for why your AC may be blowing warm air. The following are the three most common reasons for the disruption – and a few DIY air conditioning repair ideas.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Really? Yes, we are being absolutely serious. Before you bring in the entire brigade, please check your thermostat setting, and ensure that it is not on “HEAT.” You laugh, but this happens more than you think, usually by accident – or let’s hope! Turning your AC setting to “ON” simply starts the fan, this does not mean that cold air is blowing through the vents.

Lesson Learned: Check to see if your setting is at “COOL.”

Outside Unit Maintenance

Standard AC systems are composed of two main parts: an outside and inside unit. Simultaneously, both work together to remove heat from indoors and keep you nice and comfortable. Both units must be well-maintained – this includes ensuring there is unlimited airflow to the condenser coil, which is located in the outside unit.

Lesson Learned: Regularly clear brush or debris from the condenser coil.

No Power – Oh No!

Well should the outside portion the AC unit go out, while the inside maintains power, the end result could be warm air sifting through your vents. This could be for one of two reasons. First, the circuit breaker may have been tripped. And second, an emergency shut off may have occurred. The switch, usually located outside next to the AC unit, can be easily turned “ON.”

Lesson Learned: Find the outdoor breaker switch and turn it “ON.”

Encore, Encore, Encore

We listed the most three most common reasons for an AC unit to blow warm air, other issues could include refrigerant leak, clogged evaporator coil, or broken return duct – all of which require a professional’s help. If ever in doubt, do not hesitate to call the best AC repair company, Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating. Lastly and most importantly, we offer professionalism, in addition to customer satisfaction. To schedule an appointment or more information, click here.