Gas vs. Electric

Many people may struggle choosing between a gas and electric HVAC system, or may not think it matters either way. The truth is that both have their benefits depending on where you live and your lifestyle. These factors determine which one is worth the cost for your home or business, especially when it comes to HVAC repair. The following are some comparisons from Alamo Austin Air Conditioning and Heating of the two types of HVAC systems.

Gas HVAC System

Natural gas systems typically cost more than electric furnaces. This cost can also increase if there aren’t any natural gas lines to the property. Natural gas systems require maintenance more frequently than electric systems. This cost can increase in the long term due to having to pay more often for HVAC repairs. Natural gas can be cheaper in some locations, however, we recommend taking your geographical area into consideration.

Electric HVAC System

On the flip side, electric systems typically last longer and cost less then natural gas systems. This means that over time HVAC repairs will be minimal, saving you money. Most homes and businesses also have electric lines running to them, making installation often cheaper than gas systems.

Which Should You Pick?

Which one you should pick for your home or business greatly depends on your location and finances. For most, an electric system is the best option since more than likely, electric lines run to the property. However, natural gas is cheaper in certain locations. It is best to compare which once is cheaper up front as well as over time to truly determine which system is best for your home or business.

HVAC Specialists

If ever in doubt about which system is best for your home or business, contact Alamo Austin Air Conditioning and Heating specialists. Our HVAC repair professionals can help determine the benefits of each system on your property, and ease the stress on your end. To schedule an appointment, click here.