Not sure that a preventative maintenance program right for you? It’s easy to assume that maintenance for your HVAC is only necessary when it breaks down but that’s not always true. Think of you caring for you HVAC unit the same way you think of caring for your car. For instance, if you’re not performing regular oil changes, your car will likely stop working the way it’s meant to. So, to prevent your car from needing an engine replacement, it’s wise to get your oil changed when it’s time. Your HVAC unit needs maintenance in a similar way. Still not convinced that preventative maintenance is necessary? Below are 3 reasons why its worth the investment.

1. It will save you money in the long run
If you opt to invest in a maintenance program, you will benefit from discovering operative issues ahead of time during your scheduled check up. You will be made aware of any necessary repairs your unit needs before they become more serious. Here at Alamo Austin Air, we offer a 31 point heating tune-up in the Winter. You can read more about what it includes here.

2. Longer equipment life
ACs, furnaces, and other HVAC units work more efficiently when they’re cleaned and serviced regularly. If one part within your unit experiences a malfunction, it’s possible that it could affect the entire system. Preventative maintenance will help you avoid system breakdowns and will add years to your unit’s lifespan.

3. Lower chance of an unexpected malfunction

It’s extremely inconvenient when equipment malfunctions in the middle of a wintry night or a scorching summer day. The probability of this happening is lessened greatly when you opt to invest in preventative maintenance for your equipment.

Save yourself the diagnostic fee and avoid future repairs by investing in a preventative maintenance program. For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment click here.