Cold weather is fast approaching here in Austin, Texas and you’re probably starting to wonder whether it’s time to take care of that heater repair before you get caught in the cold. It would be wise to get a jump on the winter by making sure that your Carrier furnace can handle the weather. Not sure where to start? We’ll help you determine if your unit need replacement or a tune up.

1. Your repairs are constantly increasing in cost and frequency

An old furnace that’s malfunctioning may be a signal that it’s reaching the end of its usable life. Older furnaces need to work harder to function they way they used to when they were new. This may mean the frequency of repairs, as well as energy costs will constantly rise. So how do you decide when a repair is too expensive for it to be worth it? A good rule of thumb is, if the cost to repair the furnace surpasses 50% of the cost of a new Carrier furnace, you should replace it. This applies no matter the age of the furnace.

2. Your utility bills have been rising

If your Carrier furnace is older than 15 years old and is in constant need of maintenance, it may not be cost efficient to continue using it. Because it’s not operating at it’s maximum efficiency, your energy bills are probably rising as a result. If your furnace is working with little to no repair issues but your utility costs are higher and you’re interested in lowering them, there are other options. You might consider purchasing a portable heater, updating your thermostat, or cleaning your duct system.

3. Uneven temperatures

If  some rooms in your home are warmer or colder than others, or you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat to fix uneven temperatures, you might want to consider retiring your furnace. An outdated duct system might also be contributing to this problem. It is probably not able to properly distribute heat throughout your home.

4. You’ve noticed soot around your home

An old furnace may spread dirt, dust, or rust particles around your home. This is not only bothersome, but dangerous to our health. If you spot streaks of soot or rust around your furnace or registers, this is a signal that your furnace is emitting too much CO2. This can affect your home; It can damage the walls, wood flooring, furniture, and plants. The excessive dryness can also cause dry eyes, headaches, and itchy throats.

5. Your furnace is noisy

If you’ve noticed that your Carrier furnace has been making loud noises in the form of humming, rattling, screeching, or popping, you may need to replace it. Loud noises coming from your furnace while its on can be caused by a number of issues. You may be having a problem with the fan bearings being worn out, a clogged filter, or the motor. If your furnace makes a loud noise just as it’s turned on, this could a result of a serious problem called “delayed ignition.”

In any case, if you have serious concerns about an issue or heater repair, you should consult with our qualified HVAC professionals at Alamo Austin Air. To schedule an appointment click here.