Looking for heater repair service in the Round Rock & surrounding area? Then look no further than Alamo Austin Air. If there is one thing that Texas home owners should not be in the winter, it’s cold. Winter has taken the summer sun and with it lakeside views. And we can all agree that being home isn’t bad, but being cold in your own home is miserable. So, we’ve got a few tips to help you keep your home warm this winter.

Rearrange Your Furniture 

Start by preparing your home and think of changing up your layout. Many times, vents are overlooked and the position of furniture can block vents. When vents are blocked by furniture, there is less warm air circulating, and cold air can quickly creep into the home.

Change Your Air Filter

An essential part of any seasonal change for air conditioning, should be changing your air filters! There are many reasons why you should change your air filters, but the most important reason is for efficiency. Imagine sleeping when you’re sick and congested, having to rely only on either your nose or mouth to breathe through. That feeling is what your A/C unit is going through when the air filters aren’t changed out regularly. As Round Rock locals, we know that every season makes a great statement, and for that reason our A/C units need regular maintenance. Our heater works the same way and if the filters are clogged, it makes it harder for warm air to circulate.

Still Having Issues?

If you have performed the previous steps, but you still feel like you’re heater is losing the war against this Texas winter, call your local heater repair service experts in Round Rock at Alamo Austin Air. We will inspect your heater for any leaks in the ducts. Having a leak in your duct is comparable to trying to fill up an inflatable pool that has a hole in it. You are wasting precious warm air from your heater, and aren’t filling up your home with it. Additionally, we will recommend any other strategies we feel will better help your unit run efficiently.

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