Living in the Lakeway TX area and tired of your upstairs being warmer than your downstairs; then maybe you need an AC repair. Does it seem like no matter how hard you try your upstairs is warmer than your downstairs? Let’s take a look at some causes and solutions for temperature imbalance in the home.

Potential Causes of Temperature Imbalance.

As you probably remember, hot air naturally rises while cold air sinks. Your AC unit has to work harder because heat moves from downstairs to upstairs. In addition, your thermostat regulates the room they are in, so the further away the room the less regulated temperature. The room location is also a big factor for temperature imbalance if your room has many windows and is upstairs it will be harder to cool then the downstairs room with no windows. Poor insulation may also be a cause; older homes are many times poorly insulate which may need AC repair. If you’re in the Lakeway TX area and need AC repair we are here to help.

Solutions of Temperature Imbalance

Fixing leaks and insulation can help regulate the downstairs and upstairs temperatures. You should change your air filters; dirty air filters are notorious for restricting air flow in your home. You can add a zoning system in your house which will allow you to control air temperature from multiple locations in your home. Many homeowners have two zones, one upstairs and one downstairs. Another option for you may be to relocate your thermostat to a warmer place. The last solution would be to close air registers in the lower level of your home during the warmer times and upper during the colder times. Doing this will force air from the air conditioning unit into other areas of your home. Temperature imbalance can be a frustrating thing, so if you need AC repair in the Lakeway TX area give us a call at 512-736-0145.