Anyone in the Austin area looking for rooftop units (RTU) before summer starts? Yes? Well then, you’re in the right place! We know running a business is a lot of work, and there are many things to consider. One of the top priorities for business should be their building.

What Is a Rooftop Unit?

A commercial HVAC solution, a rooftop unit, is composed of multiple units that sit on top of your roof. They can withstand any weather condition. Especially the hot heat because we all know Austin in the summer can be well over 90 degrees. Here are a few benefits:

Easy Access

We know you’d love for us to barge through your business disturbing you at the busiest hours of the workday. However, we’d much prefer to install the systems stress-free. Our technicians are professionally well-trained and experienced to work on these systems without interrupting anyone. Rooftop access will allow us to move in and out. Also, we’ll be able to move important equipment with no disruption to your business. 

Cooling Power Flexibility Advantage

Just like the title says you have the ability to increase or decrease your cooling power. For example, if a year later you want to install another unit (or remove one) we can do that for you. It’s a huge advantage to modular AC units. There is no “correct” number of units that should be installed for a building. It all depends on you and we know things can change, so having this type of flexibility is convenient.

Utilize Your Space More Efficiently

Installations won’t be surrounding the property or inside the building, but instead on the roof. You’ll be able to use your existing space efficiently. No worries of a cooling system taking up valuable space that could’ve been used for a new workstation or landscaping around the property. 

Hopefully this information has helped you in deciding to install a rooftop units (RTU) for your commercial business. If you have any additional questions, or would like to receive an estimate, please contact us here.