Here in Austin, TX, we are very dog friendly. Having pets at home is a marvelous thing. They bring us joy, happiness, and reduce stress. Most pets are members of the family, and we want nothing more than a happy and healthy home for them.

Here are 10 ways you can keep your HVAC system running steadily, which will keep your pet happy & cool.

1. Change Filter

Air filters for homes with pets have an average life span of 60 days. These filters often get clogged with dust, hair, and pollen at a fast rate when shedding occurs. Make sure to constantly keep the filter clean and replace it when needed. 

2. Upgrade Air Filter 

Most homes run on basic air filters and with no pets at home the duration of those filters can increase. When it comes to homes who have an extra four legged family member it is recommended to switch from a basic air filter to a HEPA filter. An HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air helps lower the amount of allergens and particulates that enter the home. 

3. Invest in an Air Purifier

One way to help reduce the spread of bacteria, mold, and viruses in a home by 99%  is by purchasing an external air purifier. The Guardian Air Purifier or REME HALO are just some of the many purifiers on the market. 

4. Keep Home Tidy 

Having a home that is well kept and clean can lower the amount of these allergens and particulates that spread throughout the home. Cleaning on a regular basis reduces not only the amount of allergens that spread but also helps avoid the accumulation. 

5. Get Regular Maintenance Check-up

Having an HVAC system is not something that you can just glance at and understand what is going on. Having a professional come by to do regular check-ups helps you identify potential problems early and assures that the system is working at full capacity. 

6. Cover Unit

An easy way to reduce any damage to the HVAC system is by lowering easy access by constructing a barrier. Building a fence around the system assures that pets don’t get into the system without your presence.

7. Safety Training

Training and disciplining your pet to avoid the HVAC system can help extend the lifetime of the unit. This helps avoid cables being chewed on or even getting urine inside the unit. 

8. Grooming

Have a set bathing schedule for your pet and build a routine to groom them to reduce the amount of hair shedding exposure. 

9. Keeps Pets comfortable

You should always take into consideration the home environment. If you keep your home tidy, pet clean they will live a happy and healthy life. 

10. Get help from the dog friendly Pro’s

Never feel like you need to know how to keep everything under control. Experienced HVAC service providers are here to help when needed. Having a go-to provider helps you extend the life of your HVAC unit and keeps your family safe.

Implementing these 10 tips will create a stronger relationship between your HVAC unit and pet. Austin Alamo Air is here to help you develop a dog friendly home in Austin, Tx. To schedule your next check-up or get assistance click here.