If you’re AC has been acting weird & you’re seeking AC Repair in Georgetown TX, we can help! It’s summertime in Texas, which means your AC unit is working it’s hardest to keep you and your home cool. Check out these six common signs to see if your AC unit is overworking and needs repair.

Your Wallet

Your unit is working harder due to the rise in temperature outside so a slight increase in your bill is normal. However, if you notice your bill rises at an alarming rate, the unit may be overworking itself. 

Blocked Air Ducts

If you notice the air not being distributed throughout your residence, this may mean a clog in the air duct and you may need AC repair. 

Foul Odors

Another sign of your AC being overworking and possible repair is, if you notice an odor. This may indicate a burnt insulation wire.

System Leaks

Refrigerant leaks around your unit are a health risk. Another leak could be a block in the drain tubes that produce moisture.

Strange Noises 

If you hear grinding sounds, this could indicate a broken motor. If you hear squealing sounds, this could mean components inside the unit need lubrication. 

Thermostat Failing

In some cases the issue isn’t in your unit but rather your thermostat. If you notice an imbalance of cooling in certain areas, call a technician. 

AC Repair in Georgetown TX

If you experience any of these common signs in your home, apartment, or building you need to get your AC unit inspected by one of our AC technicians. We would be more than happy to help.

Here at Alamo Austin Air, we are experts at AC repair in Georgetown TX. Check out our website to get a quote, see our services and learn more about your AC unit care.