Looking for heating service in Austin TX? Look no further than Alamo Austin Air! Not only do our furnaces keep us warm & comfortable during the chilly season, but they can also help avoid seasonal problems such as burst pipes. Even though we only use our furnaces a small duration of the year, the system could still be damaged and need maintenance without realizing it. We have listed some signs that may indicate a needed heating service.

Abnormal Furnace Smells

It’s normal for furnaces to smell like fuel, especially if it’s the first time there used in a year. Usually these fuel smelling odors will disappear with time the more the unit runs. Nonetheless, if a strong fuel odor arises suddenly or doesn’t dissipate over time, this could mean that there may be a problem with the unit. From a gas leak to a build-up of dust inside the furnace, there is a wide range of problems that could be contributing to the smells produced by the unit. 

Difficulty Starting the Unit

With older age comes problems when dealing with aa heating unit. It may become noticeable that overtime your furnace might not turn on as easily as it used to or it may have trouble staying on without any disturbances. Issues like this can be a result from a wiring connection complications or damaged thermostats. If you find yourself having to start the unit multiple times or if you keep having to restart it throughout the day, then it might be safe to say that your furnace or affected area needs a repair.

Discolored Pilot Light

Pilot lights can help you indicate a healthy & effective heating unit. Paying attention to the color of the pilot light is very important and can prevent health issues. A blue light signifies a healthy pilot light, while a different color such as yellow demonstrates a ventilation issue. Gases such as carbon monoxide can change the color of a pilot light and alerts the user that the gases are not depleting normally. Consistently checking your pilot light can deter health risks associated with a with a color change in the pilot light.

Inadequate Heat May Require Heating Service

One clear sign of a furnace not working is the inadequacy of heat. If you notice that your heater isn’t generating warm air or only a small amount is being produced could mean a issue. Usually these problems stem from a leaking ductwork or defective thermostats that aren’t corresponding with the furnace properly. 

Persistent Noise

It’s normal to hear your furnace working, but its unnormal for one to be annoying & obviously loud. This could mean a serious issue, so paying attention to the sounds that come from your heater is very important. Sounds associated with furnace problems are squealing, whistling, banging, or groaning. These noises may come from fan or belt issues developed from broken or loose parts within the unit. 

Poor Air Quality

It is extremely important to maintain your heating system because it has a direct impact on the quality of the air in your home. Unkept furnaces can distribute bacteria, dirt particles, and other foreign objects in a heated airflow. Excessive dust floating in the air, respiratory problems, colds & allergies are some of the aftereffects of a poor air quality. In most cases, this issue could resolved by replacing the filter. In a more serious event, the unit may need cleaning. 

Tripped Carbon-monoxide Detector

Carbon-monoxide detectors go off whenever there are toxic gases are present. If your detector goes off, immediately turn off your furnace and air out your home by opening all the windows in your home. Then schedule an appointment with us or your gas company to discover where the gas is coming from. 

Heating Service in Austin, TX

If you notice any combination of these warning signs in your furnace, then it may be time to schedule a heating service with Alamo Austin Air. Schedule an appointment with us for an assessment and any necessary heating service repairs.