Any Texas native understands the erratic daily change in the climate. With such unpredictable weather, it is understandable to neglect the upkeeping of a typical furnace. However, lady luck has its way of being unavailable when you need her most. Don’t wait until Texas decides to chill in the low thirties to discover that your furnace is broken. Keep vigilant, identify warning signs that help you diagnose the best time to purchase a furnace replacement.

Your Furnace is Over the Hill

It’s been there for birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, and years of winters. However, retirement may be near for your rusty dusty furnace if it’s past the 15-yr mark. Of course, this highly depends on your level of professional maintenance on it.

Increased Energy Bills Means Furnace Replacement Time

Notice a shift in your energy bills? Assuming it is due to the change in climate, you may dismiss it. However, if the season progresses and your energy bill continues to rise, it may be due to a faulty furnace. An older furnace will operate harder to maintain your desired room temperature, causing an increasing need in repairs.

First Name Base With Your Repairman

Has your repairman become accustomed to your daily lifestyle? Asking how your kids are doing in their soccer league and updates on relative’s weddings. If your repairman frequently visits enough to know you by your first name, it may be time to replace it. Having a constant need for repairs is the most notable sign that it’s time to purchase a furnace replacement.

These three factors are not the ultimate reason to invest in a furnace replacement. Your furnace highly depends on the proper care you have taken to maintain it and other factors. However, if you noticed nominal increases in repairs and bills, the short-term investment may save you in the long run. Invest in a Furnace Replacement today with us. Schedule your appointment with us here.