With Winter residing in Austin, it is easy to have your heat pump freezing up. Here are some of our best tips to assure that you keep your family warm and cozy this winter season. 

Problem Identification

Being a new owner to an outside heating system and waking up to an ice-covered unit may seem alarming. Don’t panic! This is completely normal to an extent since the heating pump will go into an automatic defrost cycle. Most units in the winter will accumulate light ice around the sides. 

A serious situation is when the unit is completely covered in ice all around and on the top. When the unit is kept frozen for too long damage to the fan blades, outdoor coils, and compressor can happen. Using a dysfunctional pump is not recommended as it increases electricity usage or can completely break the unit altogether. 

The Defrost Cycle

Every heating system heat pump comes equipped with an automatic defrost system. This switches the heat pump into an air conditioning mode for the time it takes to defrost. Don’t worry while the defrost cycle is in play the heating pump begins its backup heating cycle that keeps your home warm until the ice is melted. The cycle duration can be up to 15 minutes, but if the pump is not ice free after about 30 minutes in the defrost cycle you should contact your local AC repair company Austin Alamo Air. 

How To Protect Your Pump From Freezing Up

The best ways to help your heating system from freezing up include:

  • Check and clean the air filter and replace it when needed
  • When ice on top of the unit turn it off and remove ice, using a water hose to melt the ice away works fine. Avoid using any sharp utensils since this may damage the fins.
  • Keep the unit clear by removing any excess snow found around or near the system

If the unit seems to still be malfunctioning it is recommended to contact Austin Alamo Air. To schedule, an appointment for a diagnostic or sign up for our 31 Point Heating Tune-Up in the Winter Program click here.