Is your furnace making unusual noises? Give Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating a call. Allow our experts to inspect and repair your furnace, if needed. Neglecting any squealing, whining, scraping, or any other uncommon sounds may get worse with time and therefore, result in a costly full unit replacement. Our professional and licensed technicians located in Lakeway, Texas, are here to help you with any heating repair needed for your unit.

High-Pitched Squealing Sound

This sound may come from a damaged blower motor, dry shaft bearings, or a loose blower belt. It is important not to ignore this sound. Instead, allow our technicians to inspect your furnace unit to identify the cause of the issue and repair it before it gets worse. 

Noisy Scraping or Screeching Sound

If you hear a metal rubbing against metal, this signifies a serious issue with the heater’s blower wheel. We recommend immediately shutting off your furnace unit and give us a call. Allow our licensed HVAC technicians to repair the issue.

Loud Bang or Pop Sound

This loud banging sound may be due to a dirty furnace burner, or an issue with your air ducts. An accumulation of dirt in the furnace burners prevents the burners from igniting. Therefore, causing a gas build-up that may crack the heat exchanger. The banging or popping sound could also be coming from your air ducts, especially if you have metal ones. This could mean your ducts are undersized, you have a blockage in your vents, or there is a dirty air filter. 

Need Heating Repair in Lakeway, Texas?

If you’ve heard any of these unusual sounds coming from your furnace and are looking for heating repair in Lakeway Texas, contact Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating today. We can help you resolve any troublesome noises that may cause serious damage to your unit. We are also proud to install carrier brand equipment and provide you with the best service.