Springtime flowers and showers are among us ladies and gentlemen, and it’s the perfect time for your Spring HVAC Check Up. Because nothings worse than going into the ruthless Austin, Texas heat unprepared.  

Alamo Austin Air is here to tell you why Spring is the best time to tune up your HVAC. 

Reduce Costs

A HVAC check-up is essentially a preventative maintenance tactic to keep your system running smoothly. When your air conditioning is running in tip top shape, it reduces the likelihood of unexpected costs for the season. Longterm, keeping your HVAC maintenanced can chip away at your energy costs. When your AC is running properly, it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool you down! 

Prevent Future Problems 

Imagine this, its 2pm in mid-July and mysteriously, your AC is out. Now, you’re burning up, struggling to book a repair appointment, and you’re spending extra, unexpected money for those repairs. Even the thought is dreadful. However, it’s a situation that could have been avoided completely just by getting that Spring check-up! Maintaining the life of your HVAC ensures it’s in healthy condition to continue working to keep you and your family cool. 

Maximize Efficiency 

Getting into the routine of having trained professionals maintenance your HVAC will have it working efficiently: making sure all the parts are in good shape, running smoothly, and in turn, prolonging life. In the long run, doing routine check-ups add to the lifespan of your AC. Air conditioners usually run for 15-20 year so to get the most out of it. Always schedule a bi-annual check-up or you could be cutting your AC’s life in half! 

So, fellow Texans, if you like saving money, and staying cool then schedule an appointment today for your Spring HVAC Check-up! Our preventative maintenance goes through a 20-point check list to make sure all concerns are addressed, and your system is running smooth to battle the hottest days of the year. To learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Program, click here.