If you think this Texas heat is hot now, just wait till your AC unit breaks in the middle of the blistering hot summer. The you will wish you would have got an AC Maintenance Plan for your home in Austin, Texas.

Why Preventative AC Maintenance is a Must

When an AC unit is not properly inspected it can lead to an increase of wear and tear and is likely to consume more energy and underperform. Therefore, with regular maintenance, we can catch minor issues before they become serious and costly problems. Additionally, having regular maintenance is important because it will retain the efficiency of your system. This ensures quality performance with low energy consumption.  

Reliable Preventative Maintenance

One of the most important things is for our customers to know they can trust us to provide reliable, comprehensive, and efficient AC maintenance. When you sign up for our AC maintenance plan it will ensure longer lasting equipment, reduced utility bills, fewer repairs, and comfortable indoor temperatures this summer.

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

Did you know that a huge part of keeping your home cool in the summer is making sure your thermostat reads the correct temperature, which results in sending the proper signals? It plays a major role. Without the thermostat, the AC unit would not have a proper read of the inside temperature and how much cool air to push out. In addition to checking the AC unit is pushing out the proper amount of air, we will also check to make sure your AC is not overcompensating to reach the set temperature.

Get Preventative AC Maintenance Today

Wondering if your home Ac unit is up to withstand this year’s summer heat? Well don’t! Set your worries aside and call Alamo Austin Air at (512) 736-0145, or click here to schedule your AC Maintenance today!