Can we get a Hallelujah! My goodness summer is almost over. Do you know what that means? The heat is almost over. The season of external bodily baking is coming to an end. Bring on what passes as winter in Central Texas, we are more than ready! More importantly though, is your AC ready for the change of weather? Now there is the million dollar question – ok maybe not a million, but there is no denying AC maintenance can be rather pricey. That being said, how do you maintain your prized air conditioning unit – and save yourself a bunch of money? Oh, let us count the ways.

Number 1: Check Your Refrigerant Levels

Your AC unit has been working hard all summer long. It deserves a break, but let’s be honest – it’s not going to get one until January. So it is best to check on the refrigerant levels and top of them off. Refrigerant is actually what keeps your house cool from the heat, neglecting it is not recommended. If you’ve been on your AC maintenance “A” game you’ll know what a normal level should look like, and if you haven’t – that’s why you have Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating.

Number 2: Clean Drains and Replace Your Air Filters

In 1778, John Wesley famously said, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” As a general rule, keeping things clean has a tendency to prolong the lifespan of most objects. AC drains and air filters are an important part of air conditioning maintenance. While drains should be cleaned, at minimum, once a year – air filters typically require monthly replacement. Keeping those two things up-to-date and clean increases the effectiveness of air flow, which directly effects energy bills!

Number 3: Last, but not Least

Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating has your back. Our professionals work diligently to keep Austin and the surrounding areas, cool all summer long and warm for the chilly winters. Simply put, we have got you covered, ensuring your comfortability all year round. For those who want to get ahead of the curve, we also offer a semi-annual Preventative Maintenance Program agreement that includes both an air conditioning and heating tune up. Click here for more information on what all of this entails!

Texas weather may be unpredictable – but AC maintenance should not be. That is why you should rely on the trusty and capable hands of Austin’s best AC service business: Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating. To schedule an appointment, click here.