While we may only use our heater here in Round Rock for a few months out of the year, it is still a vital system that needs to be inspected once a year or it can turn into a costly repair later on. Do you recall when that first cold hits and we turn on our heaters for the first time? There is often an unpleasant odor that wafts out. Usually this is not a cause for concern. However, depending on the type of smell, it can be a warning sign of problems with the unit.

What is Normal

If the burning smell is similar to that of hair in a straightener, it is most likely not an issue. This is just the heating element warming up & the system may have dander or dust on it. Humans & pets are constantly shedding & these particles can settle within the vents & units. This smell should dissipate after an hour or so, if it doesn’t there may be a bigger problem.

Easy Fixes

We recommend inspecting & wiping off the parts of your heater unit that you have easy access to prior to turning it on for the first time. This is also a good time to inspect or change your filter. Filters that are clogged will not only prolong the offensive odor, but can cause your heater to work harder. This could cause a potential break. A report from the National Fire Protection Association states that one of the leading factors in home heating fires is failure to properly clean & maintain heating equipment. 

When to Call an Expert

If the smell persists, has an electrical or plastic odor, or you see smoke, immediately turn off the unit. These smells are indicative of an electrical malfunction within the unit and are a potential fire hazard. A plastic smell can be an indication that something is blocking the duct and require professional attention. It is for these reasons that preventative maintenance is key to protecting your home & family.

Pre-season heater repair & inspections are an often overlooked chore in Round Rock, but needing a repair in the middle of winter is much worse! Having a professional inspect your heater should be a part of your winterizing routine and Alamo Austin Air has the tools and service to make your experience a breeze! Give us a call at 512-736-0145 or view our heater tune-up options, click here.