We do not often think of heater maintenance as a priority in Austin, especially during the holiday season. This can be an overlooked and costly problem that no one is expecting to deal with in the midst of the gift giving and merriment. We all look to save money during this time of year and Alamo Austin Air would like to offer you some tips and tricks for you to save money on bills this season.

Decorations: The hidden cost of holiday spirit

Holiday decorations can spike electricity costs, especially if you have a Clark Griswald in the family! Consider switching to LED lights, they draw far less energy and last around twenty five times longer than traditional lights. Another tip, investing in a timer that can be plugged into the wall. These timers can be set to only have lights on for a certain amount of hours or to turn on and off at certain times of the day. This little investment helps with forgetting to turn off outside lights before bed, something we all struggle with!

Crack down on cracks

Now is also the time to ensure you are getting the most out of your energy investment. The smallest of cracks can cause heat to escape out of your home, causing your unit to work harder to maintain the temperature. Inspect and repair areas around your house. Sealing any gaps and weatherproofing areas like door frames & windows can save you up to 10% on energy bills.

Get your heater a check up

With temperature dropping in Austin, your heater will soon get a work out. Electricity bills can skyrocket in the winter months due to an improperly working unit. This is why it is important to get a routine preventive heater maintenance check before temperatures start dipping. Taking this step ensures that you and your family will be warm throughout the winter by avoiding a potential high cost repair or replacement.

Heater Maintenance Austin

Let us help you save money this holiday season by scheduling a preventive heater maintenance check on your home in Austin, TX. Our top tier technicians will provide a thirty one point examination and ensure proper working order before any issues arise. At Alamo Austin Air we are committed to our customers! We provide Austin and the surrounding areas the best experience possible when it comes to all heating and cooling needs!

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