Not only does proper maintenance help extend the life of your unit, but it also saves you money when your unit is in proper working condition. According to the EPA’s Energy Star Program, nearly half of the average households annual energy bills goes to heating and cooling costs. That is over $1,100 a year! There are easy and less costly ways to save on these expenses. In our blog today we will be exploring how to maintain your system for maximum efficiency and savings!

Time Your Maintenance with the Season

Nobody wants to be stuck with a big repair bill. One of the easiest ways to avoid costly repairs is by maintaining your HVAC throughout the seasons. Simple routine maintenance such as changing your air filter and cleaning your coils each month can save you hundreds in the long run. This is due to your unit not having to work as hard to maintain the proper temperature. Having a seasonal checklist for your HVAC is a simple solution for you to keep track of the health of your unit and is key to identifying potential issues before they turn in to expensive problems later on.

Energy Star Isn’t Just a Rating System

One of the fastest ways to save money is to ensure your unit is in good working condition, and that it is still within its life cycle. The EPA’s Energy Star program has resources to ensure your current equipment is up to snuff. They even have guidelines on when it is time to fix, or replace your system. In addition, they have recommendations on other household items. Things such as which window coverings to utilize in order to maximize energy efficiency in your home. This is a great resource for homeowners and is available for free through their website here.

The Summer Spike

Is your unit always on during the peak summer season? Air leaks around doors and windows are prevalent in older homes. One of the easiest ways to prevent air loss is to maintain, or replace weather stripping around these areas. For problem areas, such as windows that face East or West, the recommendation is to replace them with Energy Star rated windows. These are double paned with improved frame materials that maintain a seal, allowing maximum energy efficiency without obstructing your view.

When to Call the Experts

Another one of the most overlooked maintenance points is ensuring your duct work is sealed. This, along with improper insulation, is one of the major causes of overworked units. No one wants to air condition their unfinished attic! The majority of ducts are behind walls and ceilings. It is almost impossible to check every seal without proper equipment. Which is where the experts at Alamo Austin Air can help! Get the most out our your unit and allow us to design more efficient layouts for your unit’s ducts for optimized airflow and balance. We also repair or replace any ductwork with holes, gaps, or tears. More information on our ductwork repairs and replacements can be found here.

Sound Like Too Much Work?

Is all of this sounding like too much to think about? We can put your mind at ease with our comprehensive preventative maintenance program that utilizes a 31 point heater and 20 point A.C. tune up with no diagnostic fees. Check out the details of the Alamo Austin Air Preventative Maintenance Program here.