Do you need an air conditioning repair in the Round Rock Texas area? This blog will explain the main differences in low and high efficiency air conditioners. We’re approaching the warmer months and you want to make sure your AC is properly working, that way you stay cool and comfortable.

There are many options of AC units out there and some people may not know which AC is best for their needs.

Efficiency in AC systems measured

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the cooling efficiency of AC units. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit. In 2015 the Department of Energy raised the minimum SEER to 14. There are some cooling systems that have a rating of 26 SEER. The Department of Energy determined that an increase in the minimum SEER would conserve energy. 

As your AC ages the less efficient it becomes. Most importantly technology is constantly improving and in result high efficiency AC units are always developing.

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Maintenance is key for your Air Conditioning

Ultimately, keeping up with your AC systems regularly will benefit you. If you have your system inspected and maintained, then your unit will work much more efficient than if you disregard it. Ultimately lower efficiency systems will cost more to maintain and have running on a daily basis. All central systems should be looked at and inspected as often as needed. 

How you can make your current AC more efficient

Here are some things you can do to make sure your AC is working efficiently.

  • Airflow in an outdoor unit: Make sure nothing is blocking the unit. Keep outdoor units clear of plants and overgrown weeds. When the radiator is blocked the unit works harder to produce cool air, as a result the AC unit performs unsuccessfully.
  • Maintenance: Get it checked out regularly. You should be getting your AC serviced at least once a year. AC systems get dirty and can affect the air you breathe in your home. You will need fewer air conditioning repairs with proper upkeep.
  • Changing your filter: Your central unit will get less air flow if you don’t change out the filters. This will cause your AC to work harder and that pressure will cause the evaporator coil to freeze.
  • Replace parts when they start failing: Hire a pro to replace parts that aren’t working properly ASAP. Consequently if you wait then other parts can start to fail and your repair costs will be expensive.

What makes high efficiency AC’s better?

It’s worth considering investing in a more efficient air conditioner for your home. Here are some benefits of newer/high efficiency AC units:

  • Cost less to operate than lower efficiency systems: High efficiency AC’s turn hot air into cold and consume less energy this way, in result you will save on monthly energy bills. 
  • Better performance. High efficiency air conditioners come with features like variable speed handlers and two stage compressors which allow them to consume less energy. Ultimately they make your home more comfortable, by allowing more even cooling and less temperature swings in your home.
  • Optimal humidity: They provide better dehumidification and cooling. 
  • Sound reduction

Expense of high efficiency AC units

Investing in an improved AC system is important and will create a pleasant space for you and your family. You’ll spend a little more on a greater quality model upfront, in other words you will save money long term with lower energy bills. 

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