Are you looking for AC service in Buda, TX or the surrounding Austin, TX area? Stick around, we’ll be sharing some tips for keeping your AC bill low during summer. Texas summer is no joke. Of course we can’t wait for all the pool and ice cream trips. However, we all know that with all that fun comes the Texas heat. To avoid rising electricity bills, here are some things you can do for your AC that will also reduce the amount of service you’ll need.

Leaking Ductwork

With central AC, the air that flows through your home is delivered through ductwork. Leaking ductwork is when cracks begin to form in the ducts causing warm and untreated air into your home. Your system then works twice as hard. It’s always smart to get your ductwork checked out by a professional. Especially if you’re seeing higher energy bills.

Have Your Air Filter Changed

Air that flows through your home first passes through an air filter. The purpose of the air filter is to catch any airborne containments and allow clean air to flow through. However, with time the filter gets full and your system works harder in order to push the air out, resulting in the increase of energy bills. It is recommended to switch out your air filter twice a year. Preferably, at the start of winter when you’ll be using heating and then, at the time of summer when you’ll be using your AC for cooling.

Allow An Expert to Perform A Tune-Up

We recommend a tune up twice a year. Same as with the filter, before winter and before summer. Here at Alamo Austin Air we can provide our expert services and come out to conduct a tune-up on your system. We will test every part to accurately ensure everything is running at peak efficiency. We will also clean the HVAC and inform you of any further maintenance you may need.

Natural Ways to Keep Your AC Bill Low

  • Avoid Using The Stove – If you can, try to use alternate appliances than the stove to cook meals. Stoves generate lots of heat and by using the instant pot or crockpot occasionally, you will keep your kitchen and home cool.
  • Close Blinds & Curtains – Keep the sun rays out of your home by closing the blinds and or curtains during peak hours of the day.
  • Let Fresh Air In – In the evenings after sunset you can open up the windows in your home, this will allow fresh, cool air in. Just make sure you turn off your AC. Ultimately this allows for your system to take a break and at the same time, your home will continue to receive air circulation.
  • Invest in a Programmable Thermostat – A programmable thermostat is great if you’re on the go. You can program the times you’re gone and give your AC a break by setting it to a warmer temperature.

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These tips should help you maintain your energy bills at lower prices. If you’re in need of AC service in Buda, TX or surrounding Austin areas, our experts at Alamo Austin Air are happily ready to help and provide professional service. Schedule an appointment with us here.