Over the past year, air quality has been in the back of many people’s minds as we all tried to navigate what the new normal was & how much we could trust the air inside to not make us sick. Even before Covid, dehumidifiers have been an important aspect of the ever present battle to get the perfect temperature. In a nutshell, dehumidifiers condition the air by eliminating water vapor. Thus causing humidity levels to drop & that “heavy” feeling present when humidity levels are high to disappear. They are, however, far more important than just adding an extra layer of comfort to your home.

Achoo! Humidity & Allergy Correlation

One of the most common reasons, especially in Texas, to install a dehumidifier is to lower the effects of allergens inside our homes. An added benefit to the process of water vapor elimination is the reduction of potentially harmful or irritating dust particles in the air. These are also known as those allergy triggers that can leave you itchy, sneezy, & irritated. 

Black is Not a Good Color For Your Walls

Another benefit of installing a dehumidifier is the reduction of possible mold contamination. A damp environment is a breeding ground for these fungi. They can attach to virtually any surface in your home. By eliminating their “food” from the air, the possibility of the formation of these harmful spores is far less likely. If there is a spot in your home that has a musty order or spotting on the walls, it is indicative of mold activity. If mold is suspected, should be checked by an experienced professional as certain types of mold can cause respiratory issues & other health problems.

Seeing Green

Thirdly, dehumidifiers are great for energy-efficient consumers! By already removing the excess humidity from the air, dehumidifiers allow your AC to not have to work as hard when circulating air. Not only does this extend the lifespan of your unit, but will save you money in the long run by not running more than it needs to.

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers
Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Every home & situation is different. Let the experts at Alamo Austin Air can provide you with excellent advice on which model is best for your home. For Central Texas, the majority of our customers opt for an attic or crawl space model. These can be easily tucked away & require minimal maintenance. For a more extensive list of the models available, visit our friends at Santa Fe products here. Still not sure if a dehumidifier is right for your situation? Let the Alamo Team know! We will work with you to find the best solution for your home & budget. Give us a call at (512) 736-0145 or click here to get in touch now.