It’s no fun having your heater break down and suffering through cold weather. Are you seeking heater repair in Buda, TX? We can provide relief by offering our professional services. Although, we may not use our heaters that often here in central Texas & the hill country, there are times in the winter where it becomes necessary to use them. Should you find that your home or business needs heater repair, you can trust Alamo Austin Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

These are some problems to look out for when identifying if you need emergency heating repair.

Alarming Noises

Loud or odd noises such as rumbling, banging, or rattling coming from your heater shouldn’t be ignored. This can mean your machine is breaking down.

Gas Odors and Leakage

If you begin to smell gas or heating oil, it could be a sign of system malfunction and you could have a threatening leak. Next, you should turn the heater off and call for service right away. Although, be aware you may experience a slight burning smell when you first use your unit or after long periods of inactivity. This is normal and is simply the coil burning dust particles as it heats up.

Failure to Distribute Warm Air

Sometimes a heater that needs repair will either blow out the opposite air or no warm air at all. If you’re experiencing this, then don’t try to use your system, it may cause further problems. Call an expert right away!

Furnance Failure

The most obvious sign that indicates you need heating repair is a system that won’t turn on. Usually, this occurs when electrical issues are present, such as dimming lights, buzzing, and electrical burning smells.

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Keep an eye out for these issues, that way you can get proper services. We employ a highly qualified HVAC team that is trained, NATE certified, and experienced in performing heating repair services. Overall, If you are looking for heater repair in Buda, TX, or the surrounding Austin areas, set up an appointment here. For immediate assistance call us at (512) 736-0145.