Texas is cooling down, winter is around the corner, and you want to make sure you’re warm if you live in Buda and around the Austin, Texas area. The last thing you want is your furnace not working properly and not having heat. We’re here for you for furnace repair in Buda, but we also have a few tips on how you can repair your furnace yourself.

Before you jump on your phone to call us for furnace repair, consider these 4 solutions:

Man performance furnace check in Buda.

Check Your Thermostat

There are a few things to check on with your thermostat to make sure it’s working properly. 

First, is to change out your batteries. Batteries should be changed about once a year or as needed.

Second is to make sure your thermostat is on and in the heating position. Make sure the temperature on your thermostat is set above the room temperature, you may also try to turn up the temperature as high as it will go in order to kick start the furnace. 

Make Sure the Gas is Turned on

Lack of fuel could stop your furnace from turning on or working properly. A way to check this is by making sure the valve to your gas is open. If your gas is not open, your furnace will not have any fuel flowing to the furnace. 

One way to check and see if your gas is on, is by checking another gas appliance in your home.

If you happen to smell gas, please call a professional immediately.

Check Your Air Filter

Furnaces rely on consistent airflow, and your furnace may turn off if something is obstructing it.

You’ll want to make sure your air filter is clean, if it happens to be dirty, it could be blocking airflow to the furnace. Usually furnaces have safety features that will prevent the furnace from turning on until the filter is clean.

Check Furnace Ignition Switch

Another reason your furnace may not be turning on could be the ignition switch. If your switch is dirty, that could be the reason for your furnace not working correctly. 

Cleaning your ignition switch could be difficult and would be best to call Alamo Austin Air for a trusted technician to replace or clean your ignition switch correctly.

Still looking for solutions for your furnace repair in Buda? It is time to pick up the phone and call one of our team members at Alamo Austin Air. We will make sure to find the problem and a solution. Give us a call at (512) 736 0145 or click here to get in touch now. Alamo is a proud partner of Carrier, if you would like to check out their products, click here.