In the cooler months, you want to ensure that you have a properly working furnace that’ll keep your home and family warm. It is recommended to get a tune-up annually. This can save you money in the long run. If you’ve been considering furnace replacement in the Round Rock and Austin surrounding areas then you’ve come to the right place.

This blog will go over some ways you can tell if you need a furnace tune-up or furnace replacement.

Man checking Furnace for Replacement in Round Rock
Visit our Preventative Maintenance page to see a checklist for checking your furnace.

1: Discomfort In Your Home

If the level of comfort in your home has changed and you find that some rooms are not warming up, perhaps your furnace should get checked out by a professional.

2. Air Quality

Are you noticing dry or musty air in your home?  This is a major sign of poor air quality and your furnace most likely needs repairing. When an HVAC system accumulates dust buildup or runs into blockages and cracks in the vents, it causes unpleasant odors. 

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3: Odd Noises From System 

Odd and unusual sounds coming from your HVAC system are early warning signs of future problems. Sounds to hear out for are dripping, hissing, grinding, or hums. If you hear any of these sounds, an expert should have a look.

4: High Utility Bills

Another sign that is cause for concern is rising energy bills that seem to have no reasoning. You may feel no difference in the comfort level of your home or air quality, but your furnace may be working harder. 

5: Yellow Pilot Light

Most HVAC systems have signal lights that turn on to warn you of any problems with the system. When the yellow pilot light turns on, this means you may need a furnace replacement or tuneup. 

Ultimately, if you detect any of these issues, please contact us. Our experts provide 5-star repairs and tuneup services. Find out more information here.

The life cycle of a furnace is typically 20 years. If your furnace surpasses that cycle, you should consider getting a new one. If you’re seeking furnace replacement in the Round Rock and Austin surrounding areas, then we can install your new unit & test the system. Schedule your appointment with Alamo Austin Air today here