It’s warming up out and you sure do want your AC working properly, so that your home stays cool during the warmer months. If you’ve been looking for AC repair near Austin, TX then stick around because we have answers to frequently asked questions regarding air conditioning repair.

My home feels warm and seems like the air isn’t flowing well. Why is this?

  • It could be that the evaporator coil may be freezing due to poor airflow. Another possibility is that the ductwork may be clogged with debris.

My AC makes strange sounds. What does that mean?

  • If you’re hearing rattling, clicking and other unusual noises, then something may be wrong. There could be loose or broken parts and leaks can even sometimes cause these sounds. Call a professional right away.

When I turn my air conditioner on, there is this weird smell. What is wrong?

  • You may need to replace your filter. If the smell persists, your system may have a clog. The best advice is to seek professional help and we could detect the problem.

My older air conditioner constantly runs. Can it be fixed?

  • There is a reason for your system running non-stop and we can help come to a conclusion of whether it is something that can be repaired or if a replacement is a better choice.

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There is a puddle of water near my unit. What should I do?

  • Ac’s do tend to create a small amount of moisture which is normal, however if it is an excess amount of water, then it is something more serious and a sign that you should seek professional help.

How can I protect my system from expensive repairs?

  • AC maintenance is key! Get your yearly tune ups and change your filters when needed.

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