An alternative to installing a complete heating and cooling (HVAC) system is a ductless mini split. The most common use of a mini split is in homes where rooms don’t have appropriate ductwork. Because they have bad ductwork, they can’t install a complete HVAC system and they turn to mini splits.

If you’re looking to install a mini split in Austin, Alamo Austin Air can help you out with that. But first, you need to know the pros or cons of installing the mini split and we’re here to tell you all about it.

The Pros of a Mini-Split System

Mini-splits are small in size, meaning they wouldn’t take up too much room in your space. Also, they’re flexible in temperature. If you have several mini splits around your house, they can all be a different temperatures.

With complete HVAC systems, the entire house is set to a specific temperature. Mini-splits are also easier to install than complete HVAC units, making them a quicker option.

Also, a mini-split is more energy efficient. Energy is no longer lost in poor insulation ductwork, making it more efficient.

The Cons of a Mini-Split System

Unfortunately, mini splits cost approximately 30% more than traditional air equipment. This causes people to turn away from mini splits.

Mini-splits need constant maintenance to make sure they’re working. All HVAC equipment needs constant maintenance, but some people choose to ignore it. If you wait too long to take care of your mini split, you’ll lose efficiency and increase your utility bills.

Some people have a problem with the aesthetic of the mini split. Many people don’t like the way a mini split looks. If you place a mini split in an awkward spot, it’ll stand out to everyone in the room. Some people need their areas to look clean and organized, and the mini split can get in the way.

Ready to Decide?

Have you made your decision? At Alamo Austin Air, we know the decision isn’t always the easiest. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get the opinion of an HVAC specialist so you make the decision that’s best for your home. Request a service with AAA and we’ll be glad to help you decide if a mini-split is a smart choice.