Are you worried about issues rising in your central air conditioner and furnace? Replacing two systems at the same time can be expensive. To avoid this issue, you may want to consider a heat pump installation.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump transfers heat from one area to another. It works similarly to an air conditioner. In those hot summer months when you want the inside of your home to feel like the North Pole, a heat pump can transfer heat out of your home. It can also bring heat into your home when you want to stay warm.

The benefits of having a heat pump

Did you know that you can actually install a heat pump in every room of your house? That’s right! By doing so, it will help eliminate the cold spots throughout your home.
Heat pumps are also very quiet, unlike noisy furnaces and central air conditioners. A standard heat pump runs at 40 decibels compared to 60 decibels of a standard air conditioner. That’s one quiet system!
Investing in an electric heat pump system is worth it in the long run. Despite the high up front cost, a heat pump utilizes less electricity and natural gas. This can save you money on your utility bills. Not to mention, this also means that heat pumps are great for the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses released!

How can Alamo Austin Air help?

For great quality heat pump options, visit Carrier’s website here.
These tips should help you determine whether a heat pump is right for your home or not.
If you’re in need of heat pump installation in the Austin area, our experts at Alamo Austin Air are happily ready to help and provide professional service. Schedule an appointment with us here.