Constant sneezing, watery eyes, and frequent coughing are just a few signs of Cedar Fever. Staying home doesn’t always prevent you from getting severe allergies. Indoor allergies are a possible thing that can cause your allergies to flare up. Prepare yourself this year to ease your allergies and breathe easy in the comfort of your own home.

Vacuum and Dusting Regularly

Frequent vacuuming your home and dusting can prevent your allergies from flaring up indoors. By cleaning behind your television, air fans, and even behind your fridge. Dust is something one can’t prevent coming into their home but they can maintain it. To avoid your allergies from flaring up, you may consider hiring a cleaning company.

Pest Control

Finding at home remedies to prevent cockroaches and other insects coming into your home may help to keep your home clean. But, your best bet is to hire a pest control company. They will inspect all areas of your home to prevent things from happening, but the most important thing: keeping the bugs out of your home.

Buy a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a machine that can help reduce moisture in the air. If you are prone to allergies, this will definitely help you with your indoor allergies. It can also help from dust mites building up since they thrive in damp environments. Before purchasing a dehumidifier, consult with your doctor since the machine does increase dry air. Which can make some of your sinus problems worse.

Keep Your Filters Clean to Keep your Indoor Allergies in Check!  

Be sure to replace your AC filters every 2 months. As it helps maintain your air quality and reduce allergens that are building up in your heating and cooling vents. Indoor allergies are a common thing in homes. To learn more or get help with the air quality in your home contact Alamo Austin Air to help you and your family breathe comfortably in your own home.