It’s warming up out and you sure do want your AC working properly, so that your home stays cool during the warmer months. If you’ve been looking for AC repair near Pflugerville then stick around because we have answers to often asked questions about air conditioning repair.

No Cool Air is Flowing

You enter your house after a long day at work and realize your AC hasn’t been on at all at the original temperature you left it at. You don’t mind it the first time, but it has been happening more often and it’s become a hassle.

Excessive Dust and Noise

As you continue on with your day when cleaning your home or watching TV you realize there has been constant dust buildup throughout your house. No matter how many times you clean, it’s always dusty.

While binge watching your favorite show, your AC unit is making loud noises on and off. If it does come off noisy from time to time, then your duct system may not be large enough for your home or you may have a problem with your unit’s indoor coils.

You’ve Had your AC Unit for YEARS

You moved into your “new” house but you realize the previous owners had not repaired their AC unit for 10 years or even more.

In order to sustain a home an AC unit must be replaced every 10 years to help you keep your home cool or warm during the hot and cold seasons. By replacing your AC unit within its lifespan it can improve your house air quality in an instant.

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