What if we told you that only a small investment would save time, stress, and money? The purpose of HVAC Preventative Maintenance is to keep your unit running all year long with no unexpected breakdowns or repairs. It will also reduce your energy bills and extend your system life. Alamo Austin Air offers a 20 Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up for summertime. Which includes evaluating the condition of air filters and other indoor air quality accessories, cleaning the outdoor condenser coil and removing debris from inside the unit, and providing recommendations for keeping the system running at peak efficiency.  

Adjusting a broken thermostat during a preventative maintenance check

Why is it important?

Preventative maintenance ensures that your home heats and cools as efficiently and evenly as possible. Maintaining an HVAC unit is essential in your home upkeep. It guarantees that your system life will be extended. It also grants a peace of mind because if anything goes wrong, you will be covered. Not to mention it’s a great safeguard against carbon monoxide poisoning. This protection is essential for family households.  

Leave it to the Professionals

Many of us have a diehard do it yourself spirit, but sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Especially when it comes to a costly HVAC unit. Maintenance requires skills, knowledge, and tools that only trained HVAC technicians have. As a homeowner it is important to maintain a small amount of awareness between visits. Such as checking your filter monthly, washing and removing debris from the outdoor unit when dirt accumulates, and controlling the foliage around your unit. These simple tasks can make a huge difference. Alongside your plan, your HVAC unit will be safe and sound. 

Have you made up your mind?

Alamo Austin Air’s Annual Preventative Maintenance Program keeps your HVAC system running at optimal performance year-round. If you would like to request a quote from Alamo Austin Air, please click here