Humidity is the amount of water in the air. The human body uses humidity to get rid of water and to balance out the body temperature. An exact number of what the ideal indoor humidity should be is based on many factors. A good rule of thumb for humidity is between the range of 30%-50%. The percentage also varies on the weather outside and your comfort. Our Preventative Maintenance program can help you with balancing the humidity.

Ideal Indoor Humidity During The Winter

Depending on how cold it is outside, the indoor humidity should range between 30%-40%. During the winter, it is best to keep indoor humidity lower since the cold air does not hold as much moisture as the warm. The humidity also depends on what makes your family comfortable. We recommend using our preventative maintenance services to assist with any issues and to check for any HVAC damages.

Condensation on a window

Ideal Indoor Humidity During The Texas Heat

Similar to cold weather, the ideal indoor humidity changes according to the weather outside and your comfort. The typical range is between 40%-50%. It is important to keep indoor humidity below 50%. Anything higher than 50% can cause many issues to your home and yourself.

Cons of High Humidity Level

If you have high humidity levels then it can cause a stuffy environment within your home. It causes condensation to form on walls, windows, and furniture. As a result, it can create mold and fungus to grow and any platform, leaving permanent damage. The high level of humidity can trigger specific allergies, along with causing breathing issues. Along with condensation on walls, the humidity also affects the carpets and creates the ideal breeding area.

Cons of Low Humidity Level

Humidity plays a huge role in balancing the human body and indoor humidity plays a role in it as well. Too low humidity can cause dry, irritated, and scaly skin. Since the air is dry, it also creates discomfort in your nose, and throat and causes dry eyes. In terms of your home safety, if any wooden furniture does not receive the humidity it needs, it can cause cracks. Our preventative maintenance program has a 31-point system for the winter that checks various points in the HVAC to ensure that your home and its humidity are suitable to your preference.

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