Wet Switch® Flood Detector


The Wet Switch® Flood Detector is a solid state device designed to detect the presence of condensate water overflow. Simply place the Wet Switch® Flood Detector into the secondary drain pan — a normally dry pan. If the primary drain pan fails, condensate water will overflow into the secondary drain pan. Upon sensing moisture, the Wet Switch® Flood Detector will turn the system off (typically the cause of the condensing water) to help prevent damage to carpets, walls, woodwork, ceilings, and other property.


Hydrophilic Pad

  • A high tech polymeric fiber quickly draws water into the sensor array using proven capillary technology.

Integral Feet

  • Integral feet raise the hydrophilic pad and sensor array off the drain pan slightly to prevent nuisance tripping, and pan corrosion (metal pans only) from interfering with the sensor array.

Stainless Steel Sensor Array

  •  A high tech array of multiple stainless steel sensors detects even a minimal amount of water drawn into the hydrophilic pad.

Compact Package

  •  The technology is packed into a 3-5/8” diameter by 1-1/4” high cylinder, furnished complete with 5-conductor 22AWG stranded cable, 6’ long.

 Solid State Electronics

  •  Proven electronics prevent mechanical failure in an aggressive operating environment.

 Double Throw Relay

  •  Allows for the wiring to interrupt the system and sound an alarm (by others) when moisture is detected.

 Multiple Unit Connectivity

  •  Multiple unit connectivity allows for multiple Wet Switch® Flood Detectors to be connected in series to adequately cover large drain pan areas. 

Technical Specs


  • Isolated Contacts
  • 2 Amps: NC Contact
  • 2 Amps: NO Contact


  • Red LED : Moisture Detected
  • Green LED: Power

Power Requirements:

  • 18-30 VAC, 60 Hz
  • 20-30 VAC, 50 Hz

1.5 Watts Max (wet), <0.5 Watts (dry)